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Passionate about Rugby League and developing young minds?
This page is for you, full of information and links for all coaches.


Proactive Coaching LLCCoaching for competence and character – Our presentations, published materials and workshops provide the application necessary to develop character based teams, athletic programs, schools and businesses.


What is the Rugby League National Coaching Accreditation Scheme?

The National Coaching Accreditation Scheme is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and aims to ensure that all Rugby League coaches receive both essential and beneficial educational opportunities.

Why do I need an accreditation to coach a Rugby League team?

Bill Nelson is known as the ‘Success Architect’. Named so for his commanding ability to develop and embed peak performance in teams and individuals within any enterprise.
Total Performance Concepts

Sport New Zealand
Information and resources for both beginner and experienced coaches.

Clearinghouse for Sport

The Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) is an Australian Sports Commission led information and knowledge sharing initiative.

The Clearinghouse works to:

  • Identify and acquire information of relevance to sport;
  • Connect people in sport with complementary expertise;
  • Inform sports practitioners (such as athletes, coaches, physical educators, scientists, researchers, administrators, volunteers, and sporting officials) about good and promising practice in sport;
  • Provide governments at all levels with comprehensive and policy relevant analysis of research relating to sport, and the value of sport to the community; and,
  • Provide Clearinghouse members with high quality information on sport and physical activity.